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E-Ring technical support is an integral part of all our products and solutions.  At E-Ring, we believe a good business application is not complete without a good support team.  Our support team understands the work pressure and tax payer pressure that our customers have to endure.  We also understand that our customers may not use all the tools all the time, in fact, we know that certain tools and workfows will be used only once a year.  Knowing our customers' workflow and how our customers work has helped us design our support structure and support material.  We track all support calls, email exchanges, fax messages for constant quality improvement and for training purposes within our support team.


Our phone lines are open 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. eastern time.  For after hours support, please call in advance to schedule.  Contact our support at 1-877-553-7464 or 678-240-2750.


E-Ring’s customers can also open requests for support via email or through E-Ring’s Customer Relations Portal, Capture Insight. Customers are provided with a log in and password which allows them to enter support or feature requests. Users can also check the status of requests at any time. In addition to support regarding requests, Insight is also used for training related support. Labs, quick helps, and training videos are available to provide answers to training and work-flow related questions.

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You can email your questions to E-Ring support at  All email questions are answered within two business days.  For critical support, please call our phone line.





September 22, 2016

Advanced Daily Collections:

Calling all tellers to sign up for the Advanced Daily Collections Webinar.  The Webinar Covers Single/group pay, voiding payments, add/remove receipts, and close out routines.  To reserve your seat for this Webinar, sign up here.

September 8, 2016

Updating Composite Factors:

Get your business personal property accounts ready for the upcoming tax year with this Webinar.   This Webinar will cover: updating composite factors and applying new factors.  To reserve your seat for this Webinar, sign up here.

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