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Capture's Billings and Collections is a web based property tax administration system.  Capture has built in modules to handle from daily cashiering to once a year tax sale.

Your workplaces and workforces are changing.  Capture provides the modern tools and technologies to facilitate a flexible work culture and easier work environment to complete day to day tasks.  Capture is web based and built on Microsoft .Net to seamlessly integrate your mapping and other needs into the CAMA system.  As a single database, Capture can handle everything from multiple record years, deed processing, tax roll generation, supplements, escapes, petitions, to citizen access, with automated work flows and flags.


Capture eliminates redundant data entry and duplication of efforts through work flow re-engineering and automation.  Capture's dashboard technology helps elected officials and supervisors to precisely predict workloads, productivity, and estimate response and completion times.  Capture's new module, "Capture iPad," helps field appraisers to complete field work, be it maintenance, sketching, and taking photographs, right when they gather it - with or without Internet connectivity.  Once again, no duplication of effort or duplicate data entry.


Capture CAMA is an end to end enterprise assessment solution that helps you with the whole assessment cycle from deed processing, to tax roll generation, to appeals, to tax payer correspondence,  and everything in between.

Billings and Collections Modules

CUSTOMER SUPPORT A product module with real people MORTGAGE PROCESSING Process a Mortgage Service payment, in a single transaction LAND REDEMPTION Handle even complicated redemptions with ease


Full financial package that support all teller operations



Start to finish Tax Sale administration



Help your tax payer, Anywhere - Anytime

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