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Capture, a truly integrated web-based CAMA system, brings your CAMA data, GIS, deeds, pictures, documents, and more into one location without having to jump back and forth between multiple systems.

Workplaces and workforces are changing.  Capture provides the modern tools and technologies required to facilitate a flexible work culture and easier work environment to keep up with the changing times.  Capture is a web-based system built on Microsoft .NET to enable easy integration with other systems such as mapping, deeds, permits, etc.  As a single database, Capture can handle multiple record years, deed processing, tax roll generation, supplements, escapes, and petitions as well as citizen access, automated work flows, and flags.


Capture eliminates redundant data entry and duplication of effort through work flow re-engineering and automation.  Capture’s dashboard technology helps elected officials and supervisors to precisely predict workloads and productivity, and estimate response and completion times.  Capture’s new module, “Capture iPad,” helps field appraisers complete field work right when they gather it – with or without internet connectivity – be it maintenance, sketching, or taking photographs.  Once again, no duplication of effort or duplicate data entry.


Capture CAMA is an end-to-end enterprise assessment solution that helps with the whole assessment cycle from deed processing, to tax roll generation, to appeals, to tax payer correspondence, and everything in between.


CAMA Edition Modules

CUSTOMER SUPPORT A product module with real people AUTOMATED DEED PROCESSING Deeds at your fingertips ASSESSMENT AUTOMATION Exemption processing made simple APPEALS PROCESSING End-to-end case management WEB-BASED SKETCHING Integrates directly with your appraisal cost model ONLINE APPEALS File complaints for single or multiple parcels CITIZEN ACCESS End-to-end public access solution
ONLINE PERSONAL PROPERTY Empower your business owners and CPAs MOBILE APPRAISAL Pictures, sketching, maps, attributes - All in one MOBILE ASSESSMENT Take care of exemptions, anywhere and anytime PROPERTY VALUATION A full array of tools to value your real property BUSINESS PERSONAL PROPERTY ASSESSMENT Reinforce best practices with automated processes ONLINE EXEMPTION Apply for current use, homestead exemptions, and more GIS INTEGRATION Seamlessly integrates with Esri products

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