A solution to help manage all your documents, field work, pictures, & more...
Do you or your inspectors do any of the following? Take a digital camera to the field? Take paper maps to the field? Carry drawings and documents to the field? This product is for you...
Digital Camera vs. Capture mApps on iPad Whether you are a building inspector, code enforcement inspector, fire inspector or any other type of inspector in the field, you run into many cases where codes are violated. As an inspector you would like to capture these with your camera then you keep up with the parcel numbers, case numbers or inspection numbers on a piece of paper. When you get back to the office you download the pictures and rename them to reflect the parcel numbers or case numbers. It is cumbersome and tedious – but you do it to keep the citizens of your jurisdiction safe. Now imagine you are a field inspector with Capture mApps App on your iPad – you are at the property performing an inspection and would like to capture a picture of the violation that you just detected. You would simply click your current location, select the parcel from the map and start taking pictures – as many as you want – and when you are finished, you type in the case number and that’s it! It is just that simple. The App will take care of renumbering the photos and automatically associates them with the parcel and the case in question. The photos will have the timestamp and optionally the parcel number and case number etched on them. You want to mark up the photo to convey something to the contractor or owner? You got it! Capture mApps can save you a lot of time and make it less tedious to capture and associate pictures to parcels and/or case numbers. Paper Maps vs. Capture mApps on iPad As an inspector in the field you use maps to get to your job sites, verify the location of your inspection and plan the next hop. If you are using a paper map you have to fold and unfold the map at every inspection site. However, if you are using a digital map on your phone you can navigate from one location to another as long as you have Internet coverage. In either case your maps don’t tell you the property information of the site you are inspecting. You have to print out property information to take care of this. Now imagine you are a field inspector with Capture mApps App and your jurisdiction maps loaded to your iPad – once you get to your inspection site you click your current location and select the parcel on the iPad – zoom in, zoom out and pan with standard iPad gestures. You view all the attributes of that parcel – whether you have Internet connection or not. When you are ready to go to the next inspection site, locate the parcel on the map and get driving directions to it. Integrated maps for your field inspection needs.

*50GB per user

Paper Documents vs. Capture mApps on iPad If you are an inspector in the field, more than likely you have a bunch of documents in your hands at your inspection site and some more in your vehicle. You are probably carrying design drawings, as-built drawings and perhaps some work description documents. You need all of them in many cases to complete your job. Sorting through these documents is tedious, time consuming and very stressful. Now imagine you are an inspector with Capture mApps App on your iPad – You have already pulled up the map on the iPad – tap on the document icon, show all the documents that were scanned in, select and open any document. You want to redline a document? No problem! A single click will put you in a redline layer. You want to email your markup from the field? Done! Are you the texting kind? You are just another click away as your redline loads in the text messaging app. You want to free-sketch something? You have that too!

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