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GIS/MAPS INTEGRATION Capture Code Enforcement integrates with Esri GIS applications. This integration is built on an open architecture using Web services, OLE Automation and Open-GIS. This module was designed to realize a true and real time bi-directional link between permit and GIS Data. This aspect ensures that users in different departments have access to the most up to date mapping and P&I information. Also this eliminates redundant data entry and minimizes data entry errors. Capture GIS module is also integrated with Microsoft MapPoint for routing inspectors in the field.
BIDIRECTIONAL 311 SYSTEM INTEGRATION Capture seamlessly integrates with a jurisdiction’s 311 complaint reporting system in a truly bi-directional manner. After importing daily complaints from 311 into Capture’s CRM module, users can turn them into Capture complaints, or close them in the CRM module whether it’s because a 311 complaint is a duplicate, or there is an incorrect complaint type, etc. Closing them in Capture closes them in the 311 System. Capture also sends information to 311 at different points during the complaint process including when a complaint is manually closed, is marked as “No Complaint,” or has been escalated to an inspector. This is one way Capture reduces excess data entry and helps minimize data entry errors.
AUTOMATED LIEN RELEASE When integrated with the Capture CAMA system, Capture CE receives a nightly list of Liens that have been paid. Users have access to reports and the Live Capture CAMA system to reconcile the list with the monies received, and release many liens at once through the Capture mass update process. This helps shorten the time it takes to reconcile and eliminates manual entry and data entry errors.
BUSINESS RULES THAT CONTROL SCHEDULING When the same thing happens at the same frequency, interval, or time where scheduling is concerned, having them be set automatically saves time and effort. Capture provides Business Rules to help with scheduling different actions during the complaint process including when inspections and reinspections will occur, to whom complaints should be routed, when court dates are to be held, etc. These rules help ensure the Code Enforcement process moves smoothly and things happen in a timely manner.
CREATE LETTERS, PRINTS, AND REPORTS Capture gives users tools to create their own Letters, Prints, and Reports when needed. No longer do you have to wait on someone else to create them for you, you can do it yourself. This saves time overall for the users. If an existing report does not give the information needed, just take a few minutes and create your own. If a statute requires a new letter, just put one together in Capture and send it before the day is out.
ABILITY TO CREATE NEW COMPLAINT TYPES Change is understood in Capture Code enforcement. You will not be stuck for days or weeks while waiting for a new complaint type to be created due to some requirement or statute in your jurisdiction. Those with the proper permissions simply create a new type that can be used immediately. The ability to create new complaints keeps the process moving.
AUTOMATIC & MANUAL FLAG CREATION Code Enforcement’s flags warn others of something important such as there is a Demolition on the parcel or a parcel belongs to the City. Users can create automatic flags that will show up in designated places when a specific complaint type is created, or manual flags which allows the user to select specific parcels the flag will show up for. Some flags are meant only for the Code Enforcement department and could cause confusion for other departments, so Capture allows users to designate Department Only flags. If they are not designated, personnel in all departments will be able to see the flag.
PERMISSIONS BASED To make sure the people work with the correct features, Capture ComDev is permissions-based. With permissions supervisors can have confidence that their workers are using the tools they are trained on, therefore keeping confusion and curiosity from causing problems. As workers gain more responsibility, more permissions can be opened to them.
CONTRACTOR BID IMPORT During the bidding process the contractor bids no longer need to be handled by anyone except to import an Excel file into Capture Code Enforcement. With a few clicks and a few seconds, Capture pulls in the contents of a properly formatted Excel document, allowing the user to accurately enter all of a contractor’s bids much less time than doing it by hand.
AUDIT TRAIL Capture can be configured at different levels for audit tracking. Depending on the level, Capture tracks changes made to cases, etc. and retains them as permanent record. The Audit Trail keeps track of Who did What, When. This process ensures accountability at every level of record keeping. Similarly, Capture tracks changes in a “change log” process that allows jurisdictions to have internal audits.
DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT Should a Complaint have documents that need to be kept in association with it, Capture’s Document Management is the key. Document Management allows the user to upload any file type to the complaint – the file is then connected with the complaint forever. Open the complaint in 10 years and the documents are still there.

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