ATTACH ANY DOCUMENT TO ANY FEATURE SECURELY Capture mApps is a cloud based document management solution for ArcGIS products. Whether you are an Arc user who creates features or uses features that are created by others, you can attach any type of document, picture or video file to any Arc feature instantly. Capture mApps allows you to attach documents to multiple features without duplicating the documents. Once a document is attached, other users in the organization can access it immediately. Attaching documents to a single feature or to multiple features is simple and easy with Capture mApps.


ACCESS ANYWHERE - ANYTIME Documents attached to an Arc feature can be accessed by another user in your organization from their Arc Desktop application, ArcGIS Online or mobile Arc based solution. Since the documents are stored in the cloud, any number of users can access them simultaneously from anywhere, anytime. If you can access your maps, you can access your documents.
ADD ANY NUMBER OF NOTES TO ANY FEATURE Capture mApps allows users to attach any number of notes to any Arc feature. It tracks the user name and the timestamp with each note. Like documents, you can attach the same note to all the selected features with a single action. Further, other users in your organization can see these notes from their Arc Desktop application, ArcGIS Online or mobile Arc based solution. Never again do you have to change your GIS database schema to add more notes to a feature.
ATTACH PICTURES TO ANY FEATURE FROM iPAD & iPHONE Capture mApps allows you to take pictures in the field from an iPhone or iPad and attach them to any Arc feature directly. Once you attach them, other users in the office or in the field can access these pictures immediately. You can attach as many pictures as you need to a feature. You can also add notes to a feature from your mobile device. Capture mApps makes attaching pictures and adding notes easy and efficient from the field. Carrying digital cameras to the field, taking pictures, coming back to the office, downloading, renaming each one to attach to features can be completely eliminated.
ATTACH DOCUMENTS & ADD NOTES FROM ArcGIS ONLINE You can attach documents and notes to any feature from ArcGIS Online and access the ones attached by others from any other Arc environment in real-time. When it comes to documents and notes, Capture mApps is designed for users to have a seamless experience as they move from one Arc product to another. Even if your users don’t have access to ArcDesktop, they can access the maps and documents from a web browser.
ADD A FLAG TO ANY FEATURE When you need a user in your organization to take any type of action on a feature, Capture mApps allows you to add a flag to that feature. Flags can be assigned to users and flag status can be tracked to monitor and complete workflows. This mechanism provides you a quick means to electronically notify other users in your organization. You can also create your own flag types. Like documents and notes, you can access flags from ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Online and Arc based mobile application. Design your workflow and organize your work with flags for your organization.
ARCHIVAL Government agencies everywhere need to archive documents to ensure accountability and compliance. Whether it is paper based archival or digital archival it needs to be done. The digital document explosion has just begun. In the coming years offices will scan more documents than ever before. Finding a means to archive them and also retrieve them easily will be very important. If this is not done in a timely manner more effort and resources would be dedicated in the future to deal with it. Capture mApps provides an easy way for government agencies to archive the documents in a GIS centric manner making document cataloging simple while providing a means to collaborate effectively within the department as well as with external agencies.
REDLINE & MARKUP ON THE GO Capture mApps allows users to capture pictures in the field, attach and also redline them right away. Users can open PDF drawings in the field, zoom to locations and redline any concerns, violations or suggestions. These redlines can instantly be emailed or texted from the field to contractors, engineers and owners or colleagues. The redline document is saved with the parcel or case number as a permanent record. No more carrying drawings to the field. Markup your drawing in the field, recommend changes, email or text it - and forget it!
NO IMPLEMENTATION - NO OVERHEADS Capture mApps is a cloud based solution, which ensures high availability and reliability. Documents stored in the Capture Cloud are not only secure, but are also backed up for redundancy and fault tolerance. Since it is a cloud based solution, you can have it up and running in minutes. You can set up your users with different access controls. Whether you are an organization with few users or few hundred users, administering and using Capture mApps is simple and easy. You no longer have to worry about backing up your GIS based documents - you can have them in the Capture Cloud.
EXTERNAL SHARE IN REAL-TIME Capture’s share feature allows users to share a folder with external users and agencies for exchanging documents in the context of the map. External users can securely access and contribute documents using the share. External shares are time-bound and can be controlled by the internal user. With Capture’s share feature, you don’t need to setup ftp or worry about attaching large size documents to emails.

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